Product Review: Hairitage Hydration Soft Coconut Marshmallows

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Website (at the time of writing): Soft Coconut Marshmallows is a leave-in conditioner and detangler. It is made with marshmallow root which gives the hair incredible slip, as well as conditioning the hair making it soft and manageable.

Packaging: This leave-in gives the hair great slip, as well as conditions it with marshmallow root herb. Great for detangling.


Website (at the time of writing): Distribute throughout the hair. Finger comb out tangles or use a wide-toothed comb.

Packaging: Distribute product through hair after washing. Maybe use used as a detangler or as a daily moisturizer.


Purified Water infused with Marshmallow Root, Lime butter, Castor Oil, Irish Moss Infused Coconut Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, BTMS-50, Germall Plus, Lime and Tea Tree Essential Oil


  • Consistency: It’s creamy but not thick. It reminds me of the consistency of a hair lotion. When placing product on my hand for the photo, it started to slide as you can see.
  • Packaging: I have received two different packaging styles. A year+ ago when I purchased, my bottle looked like the item taken from Hairitage’s website. The product shipped to me for review is in small squirt top bottle as shown below.
My Packaging
Taken From Hairitage Website

  • Fragrance: Pop open a bag of marshmallows and there you will have it – a yummy marshmallow aroma that fills the air. The smells is very light and doesn’t linger although I wish it did.
  • Number of uses: That’s too be determined as the product is still in rotation.
  • Effectiveness: This moisturizer has slip and packs a powerful moisturizing punch, thus I’m able to get by with only using a quarter size amount for nearly waist length hair. Do note, I have only used it on dry hair. I’ve not yet taken the leap of faith to use it as a leave-in for wash day detangling. I’m pretty squared away in the leave-in / detangler department so I will stick with allowing it to serve as a daily moisturizer. Should I get froggy (so old school) and take that leap, I’ll make a post about its performance as a leave-in.
  • Memory Lane:  I purchased Soft Coconut Marshmallows over a year ago and really didn’t love it. Matter fact, I didn’t even like it. Although it was creamy it was not moisturizing. The product didn’t soak into the hair and left a lingering dull, white residue. Many raved of its goodness but I simply didn’t understand the hype. When Hairitage and I decided to collaborate, I was very hesitant to try this product again but so glad I did. It soaks right into the hair this time around and it’s so very moisturizing – I’m in love. Curiosity got the best of me so I inquired to Hairitage about the performance difference. Turns out, Hairitage reformulated the product to make it a little lighter. The vendor didn’t elaborate much as to what was changed but whatever it is, it’s a hit home run!

Soft Coconut Marshmallows performs great and smells delicious. Yes, yes, yes! Btw, this is coming from someone who doesn’t even eat or like marshmallows. I can see myself snagging several bottles of this and Pink Grapefruit Punch.

If you’re in the market for a great moisturizer to add in the rotation, check this one out for sure. Or, if you’ve tried Soft Coconut Marshmallows before and didn’t quite like or love it, give it a try again. You’re in for a treat.

Have you tried Soft Coconut Marshmallows?

Was it a hit or miss?

Disclosure: The subject product was provided to Relaxed Thairapy for review. The review represents honesty and experience and was not influenced by Hairitage Hydration.
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  1. You’re not helping my product junkie ways! lol

  2. I wonder how many of those who ordered (Nov2013 to Dec2013) from Hairitage Hydration have received their order? And if after almost two months to deliver, did they receive molded products?! Check out Curly Nikki forum – Hairitage Hydration Saga, and Long Hair Care Forum. HH is a nightmare, there’s at least one person who had to go to their doctor due to an allergic reaction to mold. This has been going on since the 40% off pre-Black Friday sale.

    Check out this article – the blogger doesn’t name names, but it is about Hairitage Hydration. This operation may have been good in 2012 when she was on Etsy, but 2013 and going into 2014 it is not. HH has been conducting back to back sales, and unable to provide timely or safe products.

    • Hi SK, thanks for dropping by and the heads up. I’m aware of HH’s situation. My reviews were conducted before all that went down. I’m on LHCF also and know of the mold, allergies, etc. I’m unsure if you’re posting for me or to notify others but I’ve been following this pretty closely from the start. It’s very unfortunate how everything has played out. Thanks again for the info —